How To Submit Music For TV & Film Projects

Submitting music for TV and film projects is easier than ever with AvenueAR.

Music for Tv & Film placements

Getting your music placed in movies and TV will help your music reach new fans, followers and assist in securing a record deal with a major record company. Additionally, TV & film placements will help you to generate profits through your music creativity. Most artists, writers and producers know how to create music however, don’t know how to generate revenue from their copyrighted material. In this article, AVENUEAR provides musicians with 3 ways that will help you when submitting music for movies, TV, and Spotify playlists.

The number 1 most important thing that you’ll need to know when submitting music is how licensing works. Licensing your music is an effective way to create a revenue stream quickly. You will not only receive a licensing fee, but you will also get a residual stream of royalties income forever. If you’re not experienced with licensing, you don’t need to worry. AVENUEAR has created a step-by-step process that will help you in the submission of your music for movies, TV and Spotify playlists.

Three Easy Steps to Submitting Your Music to TV & Film Projects.


Submitting your music to TV and film projects on major platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Apple is now a streamlined process with AvenueAR. Our platform offers a direct gateway for independent artists to showcase their music to industry professionals in the world of visual media.

Step one

Movies have different musical needs and you should always keep this in mind when producing a new song title. Film studios and TV networks look for a particular style of music that delivers a certain feeling to the characters in the story. Prior to you ever submitting music, it is important to make sure the movie has a place for the music you are presenting. 

Step two

The next crucial step is identifying the music supervisor responsible for the film or TV series production. Among the top three platforms for music submission to connect with music supervisors, producers, film studios, and TV networks are AvenueAR, Artist Profile, and Spotify Playlists.

Step three

Following your research, the next critical step is earmarking. This process involves gathering specific details about the music supervisor and the forthcoming production. To streamline this process and obtain comprehensive information about the music supervisor and project requirements, consulting IMDB can be invaluable. IMDB provides in-depth insights into the show’s details and the specific musical needs they have. Once you’ve identified the right contact person, you’re already halfway there.

What is a Music Supervisor?

A music supervisor is a professional responsible for selecting and curating music for various forms of media, such as films, television shows, commercials, video games, and other visual projects. Their role is pivotal in enhancing the overall audiovisual experience by choosing music that complements the narrative, mood, and atmosphere of the content.

Key responsibilities of a music supervisor include:

Music Selection

They create cue sheets that detail all the music used in a production. These sheets are essential for royalty payments to artists and copyright holders.

Budget Management

They work within the project’s budget to secure the rights to music. This often involves finding cost-effective options while maintaining the desired quality.


Music supervisors collaborate closely with directors, producers, and other creative professionals to align the music with the artistic vision of the project.

Soundtrack Creation

In addition to selecting pre-existing songs, music supervisors may oversee the creation of original music or soundtracks for a production. This can involve working with composers and musicians.

Cue Sheets

In addition to selecting pre-existing songs, music supervisors may oversee the creation of original music or soundtracks for a production. This can involve working with composers and musicians.

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