Chris Gotti

Music Professional

Chris Gotti is a renowned American record producer who co-founded Murder Inc. His expertise lies in producing chart-topping hits for numerous artists such as Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Jennifer Lopez, and he has also collaborated with industry icons like Jay-Z, DMX, and Kanye West. As a label, Murder Inc. was part of a much-publicized feud with G-Unit Records, Aftermath Records, and Shady Records due to historical tensions between 50 Cent and Ja Rule. After rebranding as The Inc., the label moved to Universal Motown under Irv Gotti’s leadership. Vanessa Carlton was among the artists signed to The Inc., and Gotti co-produced her third album, Heroes and Thieves, alongside Channel 7, Rick Rubin, and Stephan Jenkins.


A&R Score - Response Time


What is an A&R?

In the music business, an A&R, which stands for “Artist and Repertoire,” is a crucial role within record labels and music companies. A&R professionals are responsible for discovering and developing musical talent.

What A&R look for.

A&R (Artist and Repertoire) professionals play a crucial role in discovering, developing, and nurturing musical talent. When evaluating artists, A&R professionals typically look for a combination of the following qualities:

It’s important to note that different A&R professionals and record labels may prioritize these qualities differently based on their specific goals and target markets. Artists often benefit from being authentic, persistent, and adaptable while continuously honing their craft to stand out in a competitive industry.

Data Driven Decision

A data-driven music submission is a modern approach to sharing music with industry professionals, A&R executives, and record labels. This method involves not only submitting your music but also providing relevant data and analytics to support your submission.

Music Quality

The quality of music for a submission is a crucial factor that can significantly impact whether your music gets noticed and accepted by industry professionals, record labels, or A&R executives.


Passion in a music submission is a compelling and intangible element that can greatly influence how your music is received by industry professionals, audiences, and potential collaborators. It reflects your deep love and dedication to your craft, and it can be a driving force behind the creation and promotion of your music.

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