AvenueAR’s Feedback Service is your key to refining and perfecting your music. Our expert panel of industry professionals provides insightful feedback on your tracks, helping you hone your sound and make strategic decisions for your music career.

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A&R Live

A&R Live Video Feedback on AvenueAR takes your music journey to the next level. Imagine having direct face-to-face interaction with top A&R executives from renowned labels like Sony, 300 Ent, and Def Jam. Our live video feedback sessions provide you with invaluable insights, constructive critiques, and personalized advice to help you shape your music career.

No Feedback

When you submit your music through our General Submission feature, you’re opening doors to a world of opportunities. Your songs will be showcased to A&R professionals, record labels, publishers, and a wide array of music industry stakeholders. However, it’s important to note that General Submissions do not guarantee feedback.

What Can You Expect:

  • Detailed Analysis: We don’t just scratch the surface. Our team of experts takes a deep dive into your submission, carefully examining all aspects to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation.

  • Constructive Critique: Our feedback is designed to empower you. We highlight areas of strength and offer constructive suggestions for areas that need improvement.

  • Actionable Advice: We don’t stop at identifying areas for growth. We provide practical, actionable advice and strategies that you can implement to enhance your work and reach your objectives.

  • Customized Feedback: Every submission is unique, and so is our feedback. We tailor our analysis to your specific project, ensuring that our guidance is directly relevant to your goals.

  • Timely Responses: We understand that feedback is most valuable when it’s needed. That’s why we strive to provide you with prompt responses, so you can make improvements without unnecessary delays.

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