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Undiscovered Artists Are the New Pop Sensations!

AvenueAR’s Playlist Network is the ultimate gateway for musicians looking to expand their fanbase and maximize their streaming royalties. Our platform connects artists with a dedicated network of passionate and discerning curators who are on the hunt for undiscovered musical gems.

Spend Less Time Creating, More Time Pitching: Unlock the Secret to Viral Music Success with Our Support!

How Playlisting Really Works.

With 100k new song uploads daily on Spotify, just 3% of creators make money. For artists, getting noticed can be a daunting task.

We provide indie artists with the opportunity to submit their music directly to playlist curators, bypassing the traditional gatekeeping process.

Our platform levels the playing field, ensuring that talented musicians, not just major artists, can access playlist placements.

Create an Artist Profile

The first step to pitching playlists on AvenueAR is to create an artist profile. 

Upload Your Tracks

Once your profile is set up, upload your music tracks to the platform.

Browse and Select Playlists

Explore the available playlists on AvenueAR and identify the ones that align with your music style.

Submit Your Pitch

After selecting your desired playlists, simply send your music for consideration and secure your spot.

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