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Gary Reeves

Gary Reeves' services in the sports and entertainment industry started at the tender age of 19 as a spiritual advisor for the Golden State Warriors.

He has worked with a ‘Who’s Who’ list of the highest profile thought leaders and celebrities in building social impact enterprises that included film, TV, merchandising and music properties.

In addition, his marketing & branding partnerships in pop culture are directly responsible for selling more than 25 million records worldwide.

Reeves is considered one of the marketing pioneers, who introduced branding partnerships inside of the music industry. This concept aligned artists with brand partners to enhance the audience reach and reduce recoupment costs charged back to artists. Reeves’ involvement in the music business has garnered a number of chart-topping albums and singles. He handpicked female singing sensation EnVouge, which changed the R&B musical landscape at the time for female groups. He continued on to consult with Sony Music, Warner Bros, MCA and secured a music label for Magic Johnson Records.

After a five year run in the world of music, he shifted over to work with childhood mentor and Los Angeles Laker Hall of Famer, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Reeves was appointed Director of Corporate Partnerships and Branding for MJ Enterprises. Reeves assisted with the corporate strategy, which resulted in Magic Johnson’s corporate strategy footprint as we know it today.

Once Earvin Johnson established his urban development niche, Reeves comfortably moved over to replicate his strategy with Oscar and Grammy award winner Jamie Foxx.

The relationship quickly launched Reeves’ television producing career in Hollywood. Reeves produced Laffapalooza and Jamie Foxx’s stand-up specials using corporate partnership models to cover production costs.

This, at the time, was revolutionary because it allowed Jamie Foxx to own his content. Reeves’ business model started to catch the attention of many other entertainment personalities. After a chance encounter, Reeves was approached by Hollywood heartthrob Blair Underwood to head up his philanthropic and alternative entertainment business propositions.

The partnership between the two became a match made in heaven.

Since then, Reeves and Underwood have built a number of successful social impact initiatives on everything from medical clinics to fashion lines.

In addition, they have a number of television and film properties together, including the Emmy Award Winning television series GIVE on NBC. Due to the success of the GIVE show, Reeves has switched networks to partner with Oprah’s OWN Network on Discovery Channel. The new relationship will allow for a broader reach and the development of more shows.

Currently, Reeves and Underwood have the broadest content distribution platform in television and streaming. Although Reeves has achieved many successes in his social impact business initiatives, Reeves takes pride in his work of service. Reeves advocates for a variety of social concerns including HIV/AIDS, foster youth, youth sports, homeless & women’s shelters, career pathways (STEAM/STEM), veterans and education.


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