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How To Get A Record Deal – How to submit your music to a record label.

For decades the music industry has always been a volatile, and ever changing game, that can seem scary to musicians who are barely starting out. While getting signed to a label isn’t the only way to make a living off music nowadays, it is, however, a good way to get connected and not have to worry about the messy business side that comes with making music.

But how exactly does an upcoming independent artist get the attention of these big industry labels? labels that have been around for decades and seen it all?

While there is no straight path in the world of music, these are the most basic and important tips to help you be on your way to getting signed.

Have a Quality Product (Good Music)

While this may seem like a no brainer, it is the most important factor when it comes to getting signed. Make sure you make music that is well written, produced well, and can be easily marketed. It is important to know how to market your music. Unless you are purposely trying to make your music sound like it’s being recorded on an old cassette player, labels will not even consider a song that is not produced well. After all, when it comes down to it, labels are looking for artists that will make their business money. A couple ways to make sure you have a good product.

Get your Music Mixed and Mastered

Many artists don’t feel like this is important when it comes to making music, especially when it comes to mastering. Although “good music” is subjective, there are still many standards that songs must follow, especially if you want your music on Spotify or on the radio. Mixing and Mastering is a good way to ensure your music sounds great, is up to standard, and is like the cherry on top of a sundae.

Create an Online Presence

Creating an online presence shows labels that you’ve been around, have a following, and that your project is easy to find. There are several ways to build your online presence, and Avenuear is one of these tools to help you build some leverage to secure a record deal.


While there is no straight path in the world of music, these are the most basic and important tips to help you be on your way to getting signed.

  • Have a quality product (good music)
  • Get your music mixed and mastered.
  • Create an online presence.

Having these three things will help you build some leverage with labels and work towards securing a record deal for your next album. 

Labels like music that sounds good, and getting your music touched by a professional will help you get closer to that sound they want. Although this may be an investment, it’s usually worth it if you work with the right artist. 

Using tools like Avenuear, you can find A&Rs and Record labels that are in your genre and looking actively for artists. Doing research on the artists currently connected to these labels will help you understand if you’re a good fit. Often times, a label with not offer you a record deal if you music is in a different genre or not aligned with their current artists. 

Press kits help present yourself professionally to labels. If you have your own press kit, it can help skip some steps for the label and make them more likely to lock in a deal with you. This saves them money, and means they can get you touring or out to publications faster without having to build a press kit themselves. 

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