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How To Submit Music For TV & Film

Getting your music placed in movies and TV will help your music reach new fans, followers and assist in securing a record deal with a major record company. Additionally, TV & film placements will help you to generate profits through your music creativity. Most artists, writers and producers know how to create music however, don’t know how to generate revenue from their copyrighted material. In this article, AVENUEAR provides musicians with 3 ways that will help you when submitting music for movies, TV, and Spotify playlists.
The number 1 most important thing that you’ll need to know when submitting music is how licensing works. Licensing your music is an effective way to create a revenue stream quickly. You will not only receive a licensing fee, but you will also get a residual stream of royalties income forever. If you’re not experienced with licensing, you don’t need to worry. AVENUEAR has created a step-by-step process that will help you in the submission of your music for movies, TV and Spotify playlists.

Step 1:

Movies have different musical needs and you should always keep this in mind when producing a new song title. Film studios and TV networks look for a particular style of music that delivers a certain feeling to the characters in the story. Prior to you ever submitting music, it is important to make sure the movie has a place for the music you are presenting. 

Step 2:

The next step is to find out who is the music supervisor handling the production of the film or TV series. The top 3 websites to submit your music and reach music supervisors, producers, film studios, and TV networks is AVENUEAR, Artist Profile and Spotify Playlists
This step may sound a bit difficult but, by using the right music submission platforms, you can know which type of music is suited for a particular movie or TV show. If you have just started your music career, you can also type the name of the artists you sound similar to. This will help you know where their music has been licensed or synced before. IN other words, if they had success in a particular movie or series, there might be a promising chance that you will also have the same success.
Another great place where you can research is on YouTube. YouTube’s platform can find all types of songs that have been placed to a particular music director and movie maker. Patiently research, and you will find the best tips on how to submit music for TV and film.
While it may be a challenging task to find an upcoming movie or TV series looking for music, you can get a great deal of information from different TV shows and web series on YouTube.

Step 3:

The next step after researching is earmarking. The earmarking process will help you find details about the music supervisor and the upcoming production. To narrow down the details about the music supervisor and project, you can visit the IMDB to find detailed information about the show and what music they are looking for. Once you know whom to contact, you are 50% there.

If you are an artist who is pitching music for the existing production, or you have a song ready for licensing, it is key to make sure that your song is top quality. This part is extremely important for the licensing process. The music being submitted has to be of top quality if you want to secure placement for movies or TV series. This is the simplest step, but it’s usually overlooked by creatives.

Definition of a music supervisor 2022:

A music supervisor is a creative person who selects music for TV and Film productions. Music Supervisors, a music supervisor is “a qualified professional who oversees all aspects of music placement related to films, television, advertising, video games and other visual media as required.

Below are a few examples of what music supervisors do.
Music plays a key role in film, television, and even video games—heavy bass can help set a nightclub scene, feverish violins can create tension, or pop music can place a scene or film in a specific era. Music sets the tone for each scene and creates emotion in viewers, and that’s why video productions have someone called a music supervisor.

The music supervisor is the head of the music department on a film or television show, and they select and license music for the production. Most music supervisors work as freelancers on a project basis, but others can be employed by a production company or a music-supervision company.

They are not in the spotlight, and we don’t know their names. Yet, we are all highly influenced through the music supervisor’s work. They set the tone of a film, TV show, or commercial, and create (and are able to manipulate) your emotions and feelings. Music supervisors can set a whole TV show or film to a specific time period. In other words, they have the power to shape your emotions and feelings and occupy one of the most important roles in tv and film production.
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Avenuear helps connect you directly to opportunities to get your music used in movies all over the web. Instead of simply being a song in a long list, we help you connect with someone who can place your song directly in a film.

If your music is good for movies and short films, finding an A&R will help you establish your name in the industry and get good placements.

Avenuear connects you to a platform where you can directly submit your music for TV placements across platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Criterion Collection, and more. If you’re interested in finding placements for your music click through to our website.

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