Jay Leopardi.

Jay has a broad range of entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, including entertainment management, product placement, branding, licensing, TV & film production, and celebrity endorsements. He is an expert in search engine monopolization, concept actualization, motivational speaking, and product launch campaigns, and is highly regarded in brand management and new technology. With a background in owning and chairing private entertainment branding agencies, Jay possesses unique insight and expertise that places him at the forefront of the telecommunications industry. His project AVENUEAR sets out to fill a gap that exists in the music industry, offering a first-of-its-kind digital music delivery platform that helps independent artists. This revolutionary initiative aims to provide a direct avenue for artists, writers, and producers who have been left behind by traditional record labels. AVENUEAR features a diverse range of music professionals across different genres, from Rap and Hip-Hop to Pop, Latin, Rock, Country, and more. Through his hard work, dedication, and fantastic industry relationships, Jay is helping independent musicians achieve their dreams. It is industry leaders like Jay who will drive change in the music industry for years to come.


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