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Discover AvenueAR’s versatile platform, where music professionals, record labels, and playlist curators come together to elevate the music industry.

Music Professionals

Kickstart your music career on AvenueAR. Showcase your talent, connect with industry professionals, and make your mark in the music world. It’s your platform for growth and recognition.

Record Labels

Take control of your music journey with AvenueAR. Get noticed, pitch to record labels, and feature your tracks on top playlists. Your music, your way, with the support you need.


Amplify your music’s reach with AvenueAR’s playlist pitching feature. Connect your tracks with curated playlists and gain exposure to a broader audience. Elevate your music’s visibility today!

Our Music Network

AvenueAR’s expansive network connects musicians with a diverse range of industry professionals, record labels, and playlist curators, fostering collaboration and growth in the music world.

Fast and Easy Results

Easily submit your music to AvenueAR’s network of music professionals.

Song Submissions

AvenueAR stands out as the premier network, providing artists with a unique platform to pitch music directly.

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