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How songs & ideas are pitched to Netflix.

You may be wondering how to submit a show, film, game, or other project to Netflix. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your interest in submitting music to Netflix! It is unfortunately not possible for Netflix to accept or review materials (manuscripts, treatments, scripts, drawings, ideas, rainbow-colored unicorn pictures, etc.) unless Netflix explicitly requests them.

According to Netflix, there are four methods of finding new content to purchase or create:


Find the team

There is a team of Netflix creative executives and buyers who receive pitches for content.


Use Creative Partners

Netflix has strong relationships with the creative community and talent agencies, which propose ideas for projects.


FInd Venues

The company may purchase completed works at film festivals or other well-known venues.


Make Quality Music

You need high-quality, professionally polished music before you start worrying about which blogs to submit to or how to submit your track to an A&R (Artist & Repertoire) manager.



It is possible that Netflix will generate an idea internally and hire creatives to develop it further.


Get results

Unlock Your Music’s Potential in TV & Film: Submit to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Apple in Three Simple Steps with AvenueAR.

6 Steps To Submit Music

Here are 7 simple steps to create an amazing song submission.

Step one.

Always address the person using their first name.

Step two.

Write a line introducing your song and how it was originated.

Step three.

Avoid attaching large files to your email. Share streaming links (such as Spotify, SoundCloud or TikTok) whenever possible.

Step four.

Use polite language.

Step five.

Keep it short and concise.

Step six.

Provide links to your social media profiles.

Ready to improve your chances of placing music?

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