Sydney Nycole.

Sydney Nycole, a former star athlete, has transformed herself into a talented songwriter and singer in the hip-hop, soul, and pop R&B genres. With the help of her producer father Gary Reeves, Sydney submitted three songs to Jamie Foxx’s Publishing company and landed herself a music publishing deal. Adopting her stage name SydneyNycole, her beauty and charm have helped her garner national attention, including praise from Alicia Keys and Nia Long. SydneyNycole is not just a pretty face, however; she has spent years honing her musical skills and has chosen a talented band to accompany her on her path to success. Although she has gained attention for her stunning looks, Sydney remains focused on her music. An international digital magazine has even recognized her as one of the top 500 most beautiful women in the world, but she remains humble and focused, eager to make a mark with her music before basking in any further accolades.


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