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SoundOn, TikTok's all-in-one platform for music creators · Release your music and reach a global audience on TikTok and everywhere · You Maintain 100% ownership!, Global Distribution, 100% Royalties Receive 100% of your royalties* Get paid monthly, Maintain 100% ownership of your music. No administration fees

How to get a record deal on TikTok

From online business to diversity, TikTok has reshaped how virtually every industry talks to its customers. Yet, no space has been more significantly affected by TikTok than the music industry. It enables unsigned artists in all genres the ability to launch themselves to fans across the world and gain followers. On the business side, A&R executives presently scour TikTok and AVENUEAR looking to sign their next undiscovered star. Over 75% of TikTok unsigned artists say they wish they could get a record company behind them. "The goal is that an unsigned TikTok artist can blow up in their local demographic so they can become popular enough where they can get a record deal or maybe even a distribution deal. Not only are the artists leveraging the TikTok platform, so are the beatmakers. Transform the spike in TikTok’s Algorithm into a record deal How does an unsigned TikTok musician decipher the algorithm in order to turn views, likes and comments into a professional career? The key is to get your sound and story out to the TikTok community. The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation system that determines which videos will appear on your “For You Page." No two users will see the same videos on their “For You Page," and the videos you see might change over time based on your viewing preferences and even your current state of mind. Algorithms are a key way social networks can draw us in and keep us paying attention. TikTok doesn’t want spammers and other shady characters to be able to game the algorithm to get more attention than they deserve. TikTok delivered its "Year In Music 2021" report “75% of TikTok users in the U.S. say that they use TikTok to discover new artists, and 63% say that they hear music that they've never heard before for the first time on the platform."

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AVENUEAR helps you stay in control of your independent music career. You have the freedom to hand pick which record label executive, publisher, music supervisor or influencer you want to evaluate your music. AVENUEAR has created a bridge for those artists, songwriters, and producers who have been shut out from record labels by the “no unsolicited materials.” policy. ​Our cutting-edge technology and proprietary “Music Evaluation System” empowers independent musicians to strike a record, publishing, and/or licensing deal more efficiently than ever before and enables executives to discover the best talent and material. AVENUEAR connects independent artists, writers and producers directly with industry-leading executives. Our executives have managed, published, discovered, and signed some of the biggest artists on the planet. Shawn Mendes, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Bad Bunny, Mary J. Blige, NSYNC, Beyonce, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, and many others.

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