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Unlimited Playlist Submissions

Our platform offers you the opportunity to submit your music to 30 new playlists each week, with the added bonus of 7 extra playlists per submission. In total, that’s 210 submissions every week to help you maximize your music’s exposure and reach new audiences.

Music Pros

You have access to numerous A&R submissions per week within our extensive network, alongside opportunities with playlists, music professionals, and record labels.

Unlimited Label Submissions

A key feature of our platform is the unlimited record label submissions, providing you with the opportunity to send your music to an extensive network of record labels without any restrictions. This means you can connect with industry professionals, showcase your talent, and explore various avenues for your music career without limitations.

Experience the full spectrum of AvenueAR’s dynamic music career-boosting options with our interactive music discovery engine.

Choose Your Submission Type

Select the submission type that suits your goals, whether it's showcasing your latest track, seeking collaboration, or pitching your music to industry professionals, labels or playlists.

Craft Your Demo Pitch

Benefit from our expertise by allowing us to assist you in creating an attention-grabbing demo pitch that tells your music's story and highlights its unique qualities.

Get Awesome Results That Could Change Your Life

Once your music is out there, anticipate remarkable results and opportunities that have the potential to elevate your music career to new heights. Join AvenueAR and make your musical dreams a reality today!

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