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AVENUEAR is for Independent musicians looking for real Results! Upload your song demo, or already released songs to our massive network of A&R, Industry Professionals, Playlists and more…Membership Pricing.

OnDemand+ Services with instant results.

Choose your delivery method. 10 Day, 5 day or SameDay!

Our network of labels, publishers and music supervisors are tracking you and your music by the minute.

Unlimited Playlist Submissions. We offer more than 1200 premium playlists that concentrate on delivering your music to 55M+ active monthly listeners. Submit unlimited songs every day! It’s all about the quality, not the quantity. Less is more!

AVENUEAR is the preferred & favored discovery pool for entertainment industry professionals. We add new executives every day.

If you are an inspiring artist, writer or producer looking to get major label distribution, sync or production placements, publishing, preferred label services or a recording agreement without signing your rights away, you are at the right place. Unlike music distributors, AVENUEAR has its own marketing & distribution network with zero involvement of your distribution.

Fan Distribution

Our playlist partners are growing daily… See a list of our most recently added playlists

No Commissions, No Splits, No Ownership!

AVENUEAR is the preferred tastemaker enabling independent musicians to get connected with services that are needed to become a successful and working musician. Submit music to the best of the best genre driven playlists, directly submit music to A&R, Publishers, Radio, DJ’s and Music Supervisors with the click of a button. 

OnDemand+ Services exclusive to our members.

OnDemand+ Industry Executive Submissions. Search our database of real-time industry professionals. Our network of the top music executives are carefully reviewing and evaluating new music every day.

Other Services We offer

Music funding, Beat distribution, 1on1 RateSessions,  Promotions, PR, Marketing, Branding, Label services, Private classes and more…

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