Social Impact Multimedia

Social Impact Media defined

Social Impact Multimedia incorporates music, programming, streaming, film & TV, disruptive innovations like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and gaming.

Essential business opportunities are related to the content (i.e. the audio, video, social impact creativity, and the technology – internet of things that users listen, read, or view media on.While the industry of social impact multimedia large, this article is focused on media creation and

distribution platforms in film & TV. Additionally, how social impact can be leveraged through content and exposure is through the following. Here are some stats for how you use Social Impact Media in 2022 – 2023 -2024

1. Social Impact Media & entertainment represent 2.5% of the global GDP in 2022. Amounting to $2.14 trillion Globally.

2. Global box office and home streaming revenues were $96.8 billion, while global revenues from standard streaming TV reached $265 billion.

3.The global gaming market has predicted to reach $180 billion in 2022 and $735 billion in the U.S. The U.S. entertainment and multimedia industry, represents one-third of the global market and 3.7% of US GDP.

4. The U.S. entertainment and media industry is expected to reach more than $830 billion by 2023.

5. In the U.S., film and TV alone contribute more than $100 billion to domestic GDP.

6. North American gaming industry generates $39.6 billion of revenue in annually and has an 11.7% increase from 2019, the fastest year on-year growth rate of any region.

7. The global gaming market is currently $152 billion and is projected to reach $196 billion by the end of 2022 with a 9% CAGR.

8. The economic size and projected growth of the social impact multimedia and entertainment industry is also reflected in its employment numbers. 2.6 million US jobs are supported by the entertainment business according to the data. This is 47% higher paid salaries than the national average for general employment.

9. The gaming industry in 2018 employed approx. 230,914 people representing a 4.5% growth from 2017. In 2017, employment in the gaming industry grew more than double the rate of the US job market overall.

10. The reach of Social Impact Multimedia is powerful and most homes in the U.S. own more than 1 streaming device.

The Social Impact Multimedia Awards (SIMA) started as the first documentary and educational media competition honoring members of both the independent film and global humanitarian industries. They set out to propel and elevate social-impact filmmaking that inspires crucial perspectives and demonstrates unique potential to enlighten, transform, and positively impact our contemporary world. Over the years, they developed a global community engagement program, SIMAx, a ground-breaking education program, SIMA Classroom, and an ever-expanding film catalog, The SIMA Collection. Through the annual SIMA Awards and year-round signature film programs, they provide a catalyst for these important works and serve as a media reserve for educators, journalists, and screening partners around the globe.

Historically, one of the difficulties faced by all companies and organizations, from corporations through to social impact media, has been getting their messages reported accurately and effectively. As the conventional media and its audiences are troubled, trying to get a story heard now requires an understanding of how to make content that will have an impact.

Companies that successfully complete this task will be able to do the following:

1. Engage in critically informed debates in relation to media and social impact

2. Define, describe and evaluate core concepts, theories and issues in regard to social impact media.

3. Plan and produce a research essay that critically analyses a social change multimedia campaign

4. Collaborate in groups with internal and external partners, develop and implement a media product that advocates for a change in attitude and/or behavior for a particular audience.

What is Social Impact Media?

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