6 key strategies to submitting music to A&Rs

Submitting songs to record labels can be a great way to get your music noticed and potentially signed to a label. Here are some steps to consider when submitting songs to record labels:

  1. Research potential record labels: Start by researching record labels that fit your genre and style of music. Look for labels that have signed similar artists in the past or have a history of working with independent or up-and-coming musicians.
  2. Check AVENUEAR’s A&R submission guidelines: Once you have identified potential record labels, check their submission guidelines. Some labels have specific requirements for song submissions, such as only accepting submissions through certain channels like AVENUEAR or requiring certain file formats.
  3. Prepare your songs: Before submitting your songs, make sure they are properly recorded and mixed. You may also want to consider having them professionally mastered.
  4. Write a compelling message: When submitting your songs, including a message that introduces yourself and your music. Be concise and highlight your strengths as an artist.
  5. Submit your songs: Follow the AVENUEAR submission guidelines provided by google and submit your songs. Be patient and be prepared for the possibility of rejection in your feedback.

Remember, the music industry can be tough and competitive, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from a record label. Keep submitting and continue to work on your craft and consider alternative ways to promote your music, such as social media and live performances.

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